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Thermal Pane Glass

Custom Size Thermal Panes

We work closely with local glass manufacturers to provide our customers with new thermal pane glass for their new or existing windows.

What is a Thermal Pane

Thermal pane windows have two panes of glass, with air sealed between them. This creates a barrier that keeps air inside. insulated units are much more energy efficient than single pane windows, which can lead to lower healing and cooling costs.

A cross section of a single pane vs double pane window.

What Types of Thermal Panes Exist?

There are different treatments that can be applied to thermal pane  windows to make the move energy efficient. Things like specialty glass coatings and they type of gas sealed inside can affect how energy efficient it can be.

A double pane glass window is standard window glass sealed with regular air in between them.

Low-E is a coating applied to the inside of the glass in a thermal pane. Low-E means low emissivity, or more precisely, low thermal emissivity.  This means Low-E windows are energy efficient because any material that reflects, absorbs, and emits radiant energy is going to save energy.

Because argon gas is denser than air, adding it to the glass unit in double-pane windows improves thermal insulation efficiency. Argon gas windows bring the temperature of the window closer to room temperature. This process ultimately eliminates air currents and drafts that occur when differing temperatures meet.

What are Common Problems with Thermal Panes?

Common problems that require replacing the thermal pane unit include fogging, condensation, and cracking. 

Fogging and condensation inside the thermal pane indicates that the seal has failed, and that out side air can get in between the panes.

How Much do Thermal Panes Cost?

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